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Conculsions of Studying in Thailand

经济与管理学院市场营销专业 陈玉清

Time is flying! Our study in Dhurakij Pundit University International College is over, we are all excited about this, we miss our families, teachers and friends so much ,we can see them again. But on the other hand, we all feel so sorry for that! Because we are kind of fond of DPUIC, the teachers and the students. And nothing is forever, we have to say goodbye to each other and go back to motherland's embrace to go on our study. Everything seems just happened yesterday! I still remember them.

Thailand is a Buddhist country. Most Thai people are Buddha. They always do good things. Actually most Thai people's ancestors are Chinese. Their fathers, mothers or grandfathers, grandmothers are from China. So there are similar between Thai and Chines. All in all, Thai people are very kind and enthusiastic. They were willing to help you and always smiling to you. If you have any problems, you can ask Thai people and they are ready to help you resolve your problems. I remembered that day we didn't know how to go back to our university, the police on the street came for us and gave help. And Thai people trust others, they believe you, so they don't spy on you when you take taxis and buy things. Although we can't speak Thai and they only know a little English, we combined English with body language to communicate with them. Especially the two polices who protect us downstairs our dormitory. One is fat and on night shift, and the other one is thin and on day shift. It is very kind of them. They are ready to help us and making jokes. One day I wanted to send cards to my friends in China, but I didn't know where is the post office. So he sent me to the post office by bike. It is really nice of him. What impressed me deeply is that Thai people's lives are very relax, they are satisfied with their current lives and they are not greedy for everything, to their opinion, enough is ok, they don't need too much. Thai houses are small and not high, one or two floor. And they hang diverse wind-bells in their small house. When the wind blows, it sounds beautiful. They also paint their cute houses, it has different colors, green, pink and yellow, for example. They look very cute and nice. Thai people really know how to enjoy their lives. So when it is holiday, Thai people will close the door and have a good rest. They have a good mind-set. It has a big difference between Thai and Chinese attitude about life, Chinese are hard-working, even though on important festivals, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Tomb-Sweeping Day. They still do their business. What we like most is that our university's toilets are so clean. It smells well, not crowed. The environment is so good. The staffs also decorate it. There are flowers, tissue papers and soap in the toilet. It is really a enjoyment in the room. Sometimes we don't want to go out.

The teachers in Dhurakij Pundit University International College are so excellent, we are all like them. They have their own characteristics. Aj. Dom always speaks too much, he often talks nothing to do with his class. Most of us think him speak too much craps. But actually he is a very kind teacher, we all like him. He always encourages us, "Awsome !". And if you have any problems, he would like to help you. He ever told me that he was physical coach, he has a deep insight into the knowledge of body-building. He said:" if you want to know everything about excises, you can go to my office to see me." Aj.Stephen has an excellent English pronunciation. His pronunciation sounds like BBC news, it's a great enjoyment to listen to him. And he is very humorous, he always take jokes in the class. What's more, Aj Stephen is a careful teacher, he works very hard. Even though a little mistake, he can attach that. Aj David looks like a child, he is very humorous. But in fact he is very strict with us...

The staffs in Dhurakij Pundit University International College are very nice too, when we have any problems, we come to see them, they are willing to help you resolve the problems. I remembered that we needed to find teachers to sign up their names and describe the courses, they said we needn't to do it, they would help us to finish it, what we needed to do is coming to pick up the papers after the exam. It was really sweet and dd us a great favor.

When we arrived in Bangkok, the weather was too hot, quite different from our country. And the students of Dhurakij Pundit University International College picked us on Bangkok International Airport, we were a little excited. Everything was new to us in Thailand. Hearty welcome awaits us. Some of them can speak Chinese very well. So it is not too hard to talk with them. And they took us to have lunch, the dishes was so delicate and small amount of rice, most of Thai people like spicy food, sweet food and mix spicy, soul, sweet and salty, so we were not used to it at first, but it tasted really nice. Amazedly, we paid the bill by ourself without understanding Thai language, we all used body language. They all spoke highly of us. Thanks to the invention of Arabic numbers by Arab, we can pay for bills with foreigners without understanding their languages totally. After finishing the lunch, they took us to our apartment to help us check in, to exchange money, and they use fingerprint system. We should print our fingers to enter into apartment. And there are many monitors. So it is really safe. We don't need to worry about our laptop computers, money and other important valuable things. It is more safe than our own university in China. After arriving at the university two days, nice Thai students took us to buy our uniforms and school badges. We can choose our style, as the saying goes in the Internet, Thai university uniform is very sexy in the world. Seeing it by yourself is better than hearing.

Unfortunately, because the flood in Thailand, Dhurakij Pundit University postponed the new semester again and again. We all felt bored about it, we were eager to start the new term. Desiring to meet our teachers and new friends who come from different countries. To our disappointment, we had to wait. Due to the delay of new semester for a long time and the threat of flood , some of us made a decision to travel. After many times discussions we determined to have a trip to Phuket. It is Thailand’s largest island. Phuket is a wonderland of wildlife and rainforest fringed by white sand beaches with some of the world’ s premier resorts. It's a stunning combination of golden beaches, turquoise seas, green hills, mangroves and rainforest.A rich culture, a beautiful coastline, spectacular natural sights, loads of outdoor sports and activities, shopping, nightlife and dining are just a few of its attractions. When we arrived there, we were excited. The people there can speak fluent English and they were so enthusiastic. They asked us :" Where are you from?" when they knew we are from China, they said:" 你好!我爱你!你很可爱! 再见!" we spent almost a week in Phuket. We enjoyed the sea, the delicious food there, especially pineapple fried rice, it combined the taste with the sight. It is difficult to forget the feeling. On the other day, we joined a travel agent and went to Phi Phi Island. It costed us long time to go to the island by luxury cruise. We experienced the different travel on boat. There were many activities during the trip. Diving, swimming, buffet and so on. Because I don't know how to swim, I was almost drowned in the water. At that time I felt our life is so short and valuable. We must cherish our life and do some meaningful things. And I made a decision I must learn how to swim. For one thing, swimming is very fun. You can touch the clean water and swim in the water as you like. For other things, knowing how to swim can protect ourselves. After we arriving at the Phi Phi Island, we were fond of its beautiful scenery. We found that it is more charming than other islands. Phi Phi Island is very quiet, peaceful. There are no buses, no taxis on the island, only bikes and it is quite small. We felt great when we lived there. If I have opportunities, I will take my family to here to share the beautiful views here.

After the trip in Phuket Island, we made a decision to come back to our university. But unfortunately, the flood became more serious, it came to our university. In front of our apartment, the flood was so deep, people all used boats to walk through the street. Dhurakij Pundit University sent some students to Pattaya for shelter. Our university booked rooms about a week for students, we could stay at the hotel for free until the flood faded out. Pattaya is famous for ladyboys show. And every night in here people are so crazy. Especially males who are from Europe. They all enjoy the hustle and bustle of life in this city. That night we went to see the Tiffany's show. That is fantastic! The ladyboys are so beautiful, we couldn't believe. They are more nice than real ladies. They look like fairies. We were all enjoyed the fantastic ladyboys show and we were filled with the wonderful performance at the sight. That is really amazing! we were shocked by their performance. At the end of show, we all took pictures with beautiful ladyboys. And they charged us vary from 20 Baht to 100 Baht, the guests can give them different tips as they like. We went back to our room after the show and we were going to the swimming pool to learn how to swim. It is quite difficult for me, I felt very bad when my head is deep into the water at the first time. But fortunately, I became more and more adaptable. I found that I am kind of loving swimming. So I was going to the hotel's swimming pool to practice swimming every night when we were in Pattaya. On the other day I went to Big C to go shopping, there are many diversity goods in the market. We were enjoying there. The people there were very kind and enthusiastic. We really had a good time in Pattaya.

After the situation became better in our university, we came back. But there were still a long time from the new semester. Starting 23rd November 2011, Durakij Pundit University was offering free sessions for exchange students as an activity to fill in the time while waiting for the new semester to begin. We should go to the Durakij Pundit University International College lab to take classes. From 11 a.m to 12 a.m, and from 1p.m to 2 p.m. We knew our cute teachers from the special classes. They are so fun and humorous. And the class was relax and fun.

During the vacation we all looked forward to the beginning of new semester. To our relief, the moment was finally coming. We went to new class with our new classmates. At the first day of the new class, we met our new friends, they are from different countries, France, Sweden, Bhutan, Cambodia and so on. Most of our classmates are Thai. We found that Thai students like being late for class, sometimes they are late for a long time, some of Thai students came to class before the over of class, and teacher just said:" So interesting." It is quite different from China. In China, the teacher will become very angry with the students who are late for class, they will blame for the late students. They don't look like the foreign teachers. And the students here have more freedoms. They can take snacks to the class, they can eat in the class, they can talk in the classroom. And the teachers say nothing too much about their behaviors. If the students noise the teachers' class, they just said:"Xu,xu." And the teachers' classes like a chat, they will just talk to one student or a group and let the left students do their own business, it is really fun and quite different from China.

Also our classmates are fun. Thai students like sitting on the floor and eating snacks in the class, and some of them called us"China Town". There is one American student in IC, he has already engaged. He looks like Mr. Bean when we met him at first time. His appearance, his behavior all look like Mr. Bean. But I heard from others that he doesn't like Mr. Bean. We can't talk about him in his face. Robert is an independent person, he is always alone. When the teachers arranged group assignments, he just did it by hisself, he didn't need group members. And he always likes asking teachers questions and arguing with teachers. He will express his own opinions, it is hard to some Chinese students. We should learn this characteristic from him, speak our own opinions bravely. Robert is also an enthusiastic guy, he is willing to help Chinese students about the English problems. He knew our English is not very good, so he slowed down his speed in case of we didn't understand when he talked with us. We made acquaintance with two French. Anais and William. They are exchange students, too. And their English are very good. They are very kind and treat us very well. We all like them very much. When I stayed with Anais, I felt a sense of safety. We really spent a nice time with them. But it is a pity that we have to say goodbye to them. Maybe we will never see each other again. One of our Thai classmates is a religious Buddhist, he has a kind heart. He often invited us to go to temple to do some charity. One day we went to one temple with him to welcome thousands of monks who came from different cities, they said these monks walked about several month to come here, so the sincere Buddha all came to here to welcome them. The sincere believers took a lot of rose flowers, they used rose flowers to pave the way, the monks walked on the rose way. And believers help the monks massage their feet. It was very spectacular. On the other day, our Thai friends invited us to go to other temple to see golden Buddhist Monks Statue. It is very big. And the statue is made of real gold. There were many visitors to worship. On that day, I helped them distribute goods to believers, they can take this food for free, my friends told me that if you were in poverty, you can go to the temple and just do some odd jobs, you can make a living. So you can against starvation. It is a fact that if a person has a belief, you will feel that you have something to rely on and you will always do something good, you will be willing to help other people, and you will feel that your life is full of wonders, and your life is valuable. Relief plays a great effect on it. We can find something to depend on. Next week we went to another temple. Our Thai friends told us that other Chinese girls would come with us together. There were many activities held in this temple. At first we helped them put the lights, we became volunteers,and the monks would light the lights in the evening. The scene was fantastic. What is more, the monks lighted floating lightens, they flew to the sky and we made our wishes, I wished my family would happy every day, wish them had a good health. It is really fantastic, we all can't forget the views. Also we took the pictures and video so that we can recall them as we like. It is a sweet thing in our memory, we will remember it for ever.

As time goes by, we found a good restaurant to eat. We are kind of loving them. The owner of the restaurant are very kind. They are old couples, and they cook delicious food for us every day. We really love their dishes, we go to the restaurant every day, we become their royal fans and VIP, and the kind Thai people treat us like their family. But we can't speak Thai language and they don't know English, so it is very hard to communicate with each other, we use body language to talk every day and they always smile to us. Sometimes they teach us some basic and simple Thai. When they knew we will go back to China and maybe never come back to Thailand again, they felt sad and speak their so so English:" Don't go! Don't go!" We also have grown very attached to their delicious food and they, and we would hate to leave them. We will miss their dishes and them very much after we going back to China.

On 5th December,2011, we went to the Grand Palace, because it was Thai king's birthday. It is public holiday, Thai people celebrated the king's birthday. Thai king has a good status, he plays an important role in Thai people's mind, they respect him. When the king, the queen, princes, princess and other chancellors left, we saw them on the car and they shook hands with their subject. The king and queen looked very benign. Because it was a special day, the administrative fee is free. We entered into the Grand Palace. It is really amazing! The Grand Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand. It's resplendent and magnificent. It has the distinct Siam architectural style. It collects the quintessence of Thai architecture, painting, sculpture and decoration art. In here we appreciated the fantastic building, experienced Thai cultures and enjoyed the wonderful art. After visiting the Grand Palace, we felt very tired and took No.70 bus to come back. To our surprise, the bus which without air condition is for free, we can take it free. So we can save some money. And there are no bus directions here, so it is not convenient for passengers, particularly for foreigners. What is more, the bus stop stations are dirty. At the first time, we felt really inconvenient to take the bus. We compared the buses in Bangkok with Guiyang, we began to miss the bus in Guiyang, it is very clean, comfortable and convenient, there are no selling persons to sell the tickets, the fee is reasonable in China, you can spend only 1 yuan to travel around the city. But here it is a little expensive than China.

On 17th December, 2011, Drukij Pundit University organized an activity--big clean day. We took part in the cleaning. We did the clean with many classmates. And the vice president of our college Dr.Kom also came to help us. And on this day I made acquaintance with a Japanese girl. She is very cute and brave. We talked many things with each other. She said when she came to Thailand her English was very bad, she just knew basic English. With time and time practice, her English make a great progress. So she gave me advise:" you should often practice with your friends and teachers". That is true, as the saying goes:"practice makes perfect." I really learned so much from her. From this activity, we knew that hard work was very important and we knew many new friends.

15th Jan,2012 is Thai Children's Day. On that day we went to the school with our Thai friends. We were volunteers. We helped them distribute gifts to the children. At that moment, we all thought that Thai children were very happy, every child could get free gifts and snacks. It also had children performance, that was amazing! On that day, we played games with Thai children even though we didn't know Thai language, we really had a good time with children. They were so happy, so pure. From their innocent face, we felt very happy.

On 23ird, Jan,2012 we had a trip with Aj. Kom, he took us to the International airport in Bangkok. It was not only a trip, the purpose of the trip was experiencing the ARL(Airport Railway Line) and did our report. We found that the ARL in BKK was good, the train was clean and safe, what's important, it was not crowed. When we arrived, the airport was very nice, because Chinese New Year was coming. Everywhere was red, it was full of festival ambient, it seemed that I was in China.

About many days after was an important day to Chinese, it was Chinese New Year-Spring Festival. It was my first time to spend new year outside without my family. I missed them very much. Even though I didn't get along with my family, our group were family, we cooked by ourself and had family lunch in my dormitory. After the lunch, we went to China Town in Bangkok. Two Cambodia went there with us, we were shopping, viewing and had nice dinner together. And at the first day of our festival, teachers said we can skip classes and go out, because it was Chinese important day. And all Chinese students in Dhurakij Pundit University would have a nice dinner in building 4, we had performance to see and red money. We were so luck that,two of our group members got gifts-1000 Bath and 500 Bath. The vice president of DPU gave the money to them. It was really a nice night!

After we finished the exam, Ann, Judy and I went to travel for two days. We went to Erawan waterfall, a little far from BKK. We went to there for camping. I had never camped before, so I was really curious about it and full of imaging. It took us long time to go there, we spent most of time in the bus, I felt very tired. When we got there, we went to see the waterfall, there are 7 steps of the waterfall, every step has its own characteristic. And when we walked to the waterfall, we saw so many female foreigners wore underwears walking on the road, they were so open, it was really a great scenery.Unfortunately we just finished the second step that day, because the time didn't allow us to see more. The third step closed at 4pm. So we just viewed the first and second steps. In my opinion, I preferred to the second steps. The water was so clean and there were so many fishes in the water, some fishes are so big! We wanted to catch them. If you put your feet into the water, the fish will come to bite you, it is really good for your health. At the first time, I couldn't get used to it, I felt uncomfortable and a little bit painful. Especially the big fish bite you. And we changed our clothes, we went into the water, it was very cold but cool. You can feel the glamour of nature. After finishing the second step, we went to the camping site to rent camp. We had no experience because it was our first time to do it. We didn't rent sleep bag and anything others. So until night, we felt very cold. It was our first time to feel the winter in Thailand. Next day we went to waterfall to climb the left steps and went to the Death Railway Brig. During the process, a Thai couple helped us find the train station. After knowing we were lost, they used their own car to pick up to the station. It was really very kind of them. During the short time in Thailand, we have experienced so much. Thailand-Land of Smile. In general, Thai people are very kind. And it is a good choice to travel to Thailand! So if you have opportunities, you should go to Thailand to experience their culture, it is really nice and wonderful.